Handmade using traditional craftsmanship, Felted stole is a sign of luxury that suits best for any attire.

Using the finest cashmere fiber, Ivar’s felted stoles are well renowned for their warmth, softness, lustrous quality, yet being lightweight, hence making it perfect for all-season, summer, or winter, warp it around your neck or use it as a shawl, these stoles add a charm to your lifestyle.

Cashmere has a saw tooth fiber structure when seen under a microscope, with the help of this natural ability, we use felting that interlocks the sawtooth structure and hence making the fabric more fluffy, soft, and cozy than non-felted fabric. Not all cashmere is suited to be hand felted; only the best of Cashmere is used to make these stoles. Every scarf goes through the hands of more than 30 people in its making. Hand felting gives the fluffiness look to the scarf. These raw felted scarfs are then dyed to the color of your choice.


Solid color felted scarfs have always been evergreen classics, and is a choice of many as there accessories. At the same time, energetics and mindful prints are also loved by many. These solid color scarfs are then screen printed and given its bold and attractive designs. Screen printing involves numerous screens that are printed over the scarf to give the final look to it. This is extremely delicate process as a certain shake of hand can distort the design and the final look may be affected.


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